About Frank

Movie Look Headshot- Frank Buddenbrock- PhotographerMy name is Volker “Frank” Buddenbrock, German by birth, but brought up in the U.S. And a naturalized citizen.

I’ve been shooting since a high school photography class and the gift of a Minolta 202 SLR- pretty snazzy in its day- I remember many of my friends in photo class shooting twin-lens reflex cameras. (I shot with them later as well, and ultimately 8×10 and 4×5 studio cameras before adopting the first single-shot digital camera made by PhaseOne.)

I believe that everybody can get a great headshot. It’s  about connecting with your subject in a way that brings out that special something from them, and then being able to capture it when it happens. I  developed that talent early in my career as an advertising/commercial and portrait photographer and have honed it as time has gone on.

I currently shoot digitally, and have been ever since PhaseOne came out with their single-shot digital back for Hasselblad cameras. My gear of choice at the moment is Canon, though I have switched back and forth between manufacturers and formats depending on who offered the best tool for the type of projects I was shooting. I believe I owe it to my clients to use the best gear that’ll get the job done.